Sketchbook Overview

‘Sketchbook’ is the research platform accompanying the 53 Million Artists movement. We will be posting research pieces, articles, literature, background to the project, events and other information to build a conversation on creativity and the arts in the UK. This blog is a space for us to be transparent about the research process and engage the public in what it means to be an everyday artist.

We are currently undertaking a 3-month pilot project during which we encourage 35 employees in London to do regular ‘creative challenges‘. The results of these creative challenges can be viewed on the 53 Million Artists website, along with the participant’s reflection on their activity. Rather than focus on whether what you make is good or bad, it is the ‘doing’ that matters.

The 53 Million Artists pilot phase is an exciting experiment which we are recording through action research. The results of the study will be discussed at the official launch of 53 Million Artists at the Arts & Humanities Festival at King’s College London in October (date to be confirmed).

Follow our main website, twitter, facebook and this blog for more information as we build a creative community of 53 million artists.


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