Evaluation of 3 month pilot phase

As we draw towards the end of the 3-month pilot phase working with Arts Admin and Julie’s Bicycle, we are holding a reception to gather feedback and hear about participants’ experiences of taking part.

Evaluation is a very important exercise to assess the effectiveness of a project and to learn what is going well and what needs to change. For 53 Million Artists, this stage is particularly important as we move out of the pilot phase and decide whether to continue smaller workshops with particular groups of people or if we’re ready to make our campaign more visible at a national level.

In order to design the evaluation activities, I compiled a list of questions that sought to identify the feedback we were trying to gain (shown below). I then made a list of ‘creative’ ways of gathering this type of information in keeping with the ethos of 53 Million Artists, which we narrowed down to a few activities.

What do we want to find out?

Evaluation purpose statements

  • To document lessons learned
  • To provide recommendations for project development and improvement
  • To examine the changes in people that resulted from doing the project
  • To identify the project’s longer-term impact/sustainability

Who are the stakeholders?


  • 53MA team members
  • 53MA participants
  • Funder(s)


  • King’s Arts & Humanities Festival
  • AHRC
  • Project’s target population

Evaluation Questions

Questions related to process:

  • How satisfied are the participants with their involvement in this project?
  • Did participants carry out creative challenges as planned?
  • What could be improved?
  • Was anything unclear to participants?
  • What lessons can we learn from how the project has unfolded?

Questions related to outcomes/impact:

  • How did participants feel when they were doing the creative challenges?
  • Did the participants experience any changes in their attitudes, behaviours, knowledge or skills?
  • Are the changes positive or negative?
  • What barriers prevented or hindered participants from doing the creative challenges?
  • Did the project have an effect on the organization?
  • What is the long-term impact on participants?
  • What factors would encourage participants to continue? What would stop participants from continuing?

Questions related to lessons learned:

  • What could have been done differently to make the project run more effectively
  • Did the project meet the objectives?
  • What are the lessons learned for the future?
  • What needs to be considered to continue running this project?

Evaluation Activities

Feedback Tree

  • Two trees drawn on 2 flipchart pieces of paper with question on each (what was good/what could be better?) that participants answer using post-it notes and stick to appropriate tree.

Three words

  • Write three different words to describe your experience of doing 53MA and place in jar.

Sticker questionnaire

  • Answer multiple-choice questions by placing a sticker next to the answer you most agree with.
  • Strongly agree to strongly disagree to questions such as “I have learned how to be more creative”; “This project has had no impact on me.” Etc.


  • Draw a self-portrait of yourself before and after the three months of participating in 53MA

Vox pop

  • Ask 3-4 standardised questions and record participant responses on camera.

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