“53 Million Artists: Addressing Institutional Discrimination in Everyday Life” – Journal article submission

Following the pilot phase of 53 Million Artists, Dr Nick Wilson and Dr Laura Speers submitted a research article to a leading peer-reviewed journal summarising the key findings of the project. You can read the abstract below. Final publication details will posted when we have them. 

Though everyday life and art are no strangers to each other, we use this special issue to propose a more thorough interrogation of the relationship between them. The paper reports on an action research project and social movement, titled 53 Million Artists, which is pursuing the possibility of transforming the everyday preferences and dispositions that underpin our habit for doing, or more usually, not doing art. In the process, we theorise ‘artism’, a hidden form of institutional discrimination based on the false belief that ‘art is what artists do’. Employing critical realism as meta-theoretical underlabourer, we explain how artism comes about and has its effects, and suggest ways of overcoming it so that art can be re-habituated into everyday life. We conclude with a discussion of methodological recommendations for the everyday life scholar, alongside a call for mobilizing everyday creative practices such that we all might lead more artful lives.

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