IMG_1704We’re very excited to announce a new experiment and accompanying research project called 33,000 Everyday Artists that builds on 53 Million Artists (now 64 Million Artists).

33,000 Everyday Artists at King’s aims to unlock the potential of staff, students and faculty through embedding an ‘everyday culture of creativity’ across the university.

This is a fun experiment in mass participation in creativity, which will run from January to March 2016 across King’s College London. Supported by the Cultural Institute at Kings, the project seeks to build an everyday culture of creativity that infiltrates every nook and cranny of King’s five campuses.

The research accompanying this experiment is running from September to December, and will record the ‘groundwork’ that is required to get the initiative off the ground. Then, from January onwards, the research will be documenting the intervention across King’s and the outcomes of the initiative.

This ‘sketchbook’ online platform will act as a repository for the research, where we’ll be documenting the experiment, and also building and contributing to a wider conversation about creativity in UK universities. The blog is a space for us to be transparent about the research process and what is takes to create a community of 33,000 everyday artists.

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