Getting to know Strand Campus and its people: 45 minute creative challenge

King’s, Strand Campus 22nd September – Jo Hunter

1Place 1: The Canteen

The first thing I noticed about the canteen was how quiet it was. There were so many people there but most of them were on their own, or in twos having hushed conversations. The atmosphere felt studious and still. I noticed a girl sketching and we started chatting. She didn’t go to King’s – she studied at Greenwich, she was waiting for a friend. She remarked at how she’d wished she’d studied harder because you could tell how clever people were here and what an atmosphere of study it was. But we both thought that there were also downsides to that atmosphere.. I wrote this poem in response.

2Place 2: The seventh floor

Here I walked along a corridor of locked doors and was panicking that I wouldn’t find anyone to talk to. But then I turned the corner onto this beautiful view of London and a really friendly girl who had just started at Kings and was hugely enthusiastic about the project. She gave me her email. And it made things feel possible. So I sketched this.


Place 3: The Chapel

I heard some singing as I walked past the chapel and I recorded it. I noticed a girl hovering outside and so I talked to her. She was new to King’s and feeling ‘painfully new.’ It made me think about being outside of things. And of the impression King’s gives of this traditional Englishness. And how real that is.


Place 4: The Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre

I snuck into a lecture! I saw one was just starting and took my chance! There were rows and rows of people and the atmosphere was bubbly and noisy. I asked someone what the lecture was and they said ‘numbers and functions.’ I liked that the atmosphere sounded so creative in such a linear world.

Place 5: Corridor on the way to The Bridge5

What an Encounter! In a little corridor I was taking pictures struck by the lockedness and gridlike nature of so much of the inside of this grand building. And then I met Chong-Wen Hong.. who taught me so many secret and exciting places in King’s to find. I realised what hidden treasures there were for people willing to look. It made me feel excited about discovering.


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