Survey design

Although a traditional survey seems at odds with the playful and creative intentions of the project, we’ve realised it’s a helpful and efficient means of gathering data from 33,000 Everyday Artists participants.

It’s been challenging writing the survey questions because we want to gather useful and meaningful data but also be short and sweet so as to not put off respondents and in keeping with the ethos of the project.

Whenever writing survey questions, it’s important to firstly decide exactly what it is you’re trying to find out. As such, the objectives for this survey were:

  • To document lessons learned
  • To get a sense of the level of participant involvement
  • To gather data from participants on what did and didn’t work
  • To identify the project’s longer-term impact/sustainability

We used the platform Survey Monkey and the final questions were:

  1. Approximately how many of the 31 challenges did you do? [0-31]
  2. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the below statements? 1) I would have described myself as ‘creative’ before undertaking the March Challenge. 2) I would describe myself as ‘creative’ now’. [Strongly agree; agree; unsure; disagree; strongly disagree].
  3. What did you like and dislike about the March Challenge?
  4. What impact has 33,000 Everyday Artists had on you? 
  5. How did you hear about 33,000 Everyday Artists? [Email; social media; meeting with 33kEA representative; other]
  6. Your profile [student; academic; professional services staff] and faculty? [Arts & Humanities; Dental Institute; Law; Life Sciences & Medicine; Natural & Mathematical Sciences; Nursing & Midwifery; Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience; Social Science & Public Policy; Culture at King’s; other]
  7. Your gender? [Male/Female/Other]
  8. Please share any other thoughts about the March Challenge or the ambitions of 33,000 Everyday Artists (including how it might be continued at King’s) here. 

We also offered the incentive of a £50 Amazon voucher to entice people to respond.

For any readers who have taken part in 33,000 Everyday Artists, please fill in the survey here. The deadline for completing the survey is Friday 8th April.

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